Spandex Tights for Men
Spandex tights for men

Why would a man want to wear pantyhose?

Author: Jesse Moore

Many women now profess a sincere hatred for pantyhose. They have been forced, due to dress codes, to wear for years. So why would a guy ever want to wear something that many women considerrestrictive, hot, itchy and a generally uncomfortable garment that has beenequated with medieval torture devices?

Just as many men suffer from circulatory issues or tired heavy legs and turn to stockings to help with these issues. Men have tried support socks at the suggestion of their doctors. Doctors will often prescribe compression stockings for medical conditions. Some opt for knee high or thigh high but a lot of them just feel that the waist high is easier or more comfortable. I tried some knee length men's support socks to help with tired heavy feeling legs that is so common, but like many found that I did not like the tight band at the top of my calf. So I switched to waist length hosiery. I have found that I can get relief from support pantyhose without going to a medical grade product. I will start posting reviews of the many that I have tried and will continue to try.

Athletes have found that wearing compression leg wear helps them with their performance. Athletes from every sport including running, swimming, cycling, football, baseball, basketball, gymnastics, hikers, mountain climbers, aerobics and dance have all discovered the benefits of compression leg wear. If your sport involves leg muscles then performance will be increased using compression.

Wearing as a base layer for activity in cold or hot environments or any athletic activity where you sweat also benefit the wearer by perspiration removal. Wear beneath cotton or wool and the perspiration will pass through the nylon weave and be absorbed by the top layer leaving you drier and more comfortable.

Pre-teen or adolescent young men try on their mom's or sister's pantyhose out of curiosity. Some were innocently dressed up as a member of the opposite sex for Halloween or during role playing with friends or lovers. Many as little boys were dressed up by their older sisters for fun. Some of us wore tights as young boys as was common practice and had no desire to stop.

No matter how they first tried on a pair, once they pulled them on they had no desire to take them off.

Many simply feel comfortable wearing pantyhose or tights as a one piece replacement for socks and underwear. If sized properly there is nothing for men to find uncomfortable. With the development of Comfilon and a few new men's tights or pantyhose brands men now have a variety of styles to choose from. These new men's brands are sized and proportioned for men. A few have a fly opening for convenience of those who prefer a fly. Personally I never used the fly when I wore traditional men's underwear with one.

A man may like to wear hose simply because like the way pantyhose look under close fittings trousers. Since they are a one piece garment there is no visible underwear or sock lines. I happen to like the support in the groin area as much as the support in the legs. Most traditional men's underwear has little to no support in this area. I like boxers fine, as long as I have a pair of tights on underneath.

Here is a news flash for you if you are not aware; most of the men that wear pantyhose or tights on a regular or even daily basis are straight. Many of them are conservative even Republican men wear pantyhose. Religion is no barrier for most men to wear either. There is a discussion going on at one blog about what the bible says aboutmen wearing tights. Most of us have simply found that they are a comfortable, helpful garment that just feels good to have on.

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